Introducing Url-RL

Hello dear readers,
it’s about time to introduce my devblog to the public, more precise: introducing my pet-project Url-RL.
Url-RL is a roguelike (actually more a -lite) that I started to develop in August 2016, during vacations, hence the name. I’ll go with this working title a long time probably, and have no idea yet about how to properly name it.

-like, -lite, what?

Url-RL will have procedural map generation, permadeath, ASCII-graphics (or tiles, somehow resembling ASCII-style). It will not have several levels where you descend, grab something and ascend, instead it will probably all take place in one level.
There are mobs, but they are not per sé enemies. Think of them like NPC’s and several conditions will decide whether they consider you hostile, neutral or friendly.
In other words, it will be more like a prisonyard simulator within a fantasy setting. This is the overall idea, most vaguely outlined.

What is done so far

Not much, actually. Despite being five months in development, I had to (and will have to) take longer breaks on development, due to other duties. This will also reflect on the frequency and steadiness of blogpost influx, so make sure to use that RSS button!
To answer the question: There is the the rewrite of the map creation, 75% done. A walking @, terrain collision and that’s it mostly.

riidom url-rl mapcreation

riidom url-rl ingame

The technical side

I am using the Löve2D framework, writing the game in Lua. Since I’m not too interested in going through the pain of learning how to implement certain low-level features like FOV, path-finding, etc. I also happily grab every library that is of use for my project.

For those interested, here is the list:

HUMP – gamestate management
Jumper – pathfinding
Love-Struct – general-purpose data structures
Middleclass – OOP
RotLove – Lua port of the rot.js roguelike toolkit

Later the way I will definitely need a GUI library, but haven’t decided yet, which to use. Probably worth another post.
That’s it for now!