Brief News: Download section on frontpage

Hi fellow website visitors (if there are any),
just wanted to announce you can now download (at time of writing) one and a half games from my website!

Fives remake

For one, there is the Fives remake. I got the original for my phone and found it quite fun, and decided it would be a good training project and a great opportunity to finally(!) finish a game for once. The small scope and my minimalist implementation (no animations, no high score list) helped a little here.


Then there is the game the whole blog is about basically. I place the newest alpha here, but you can also grab them (or older releases) from github.


One note about the download versions:
The .love files are usually tiny, between 100kb and 1MB usually. This mostly depends on the included media (fonts, images, sounds). But you need to head over to the Löve website, install the framework once and then it will run the löve files for you. This might make sense in case you check out a .love game more often. Otherwise I recommend the Win32 builds, that are also very small (5MB upwards), but run standalone on Windows (and of course also on 64bit Windows). For Linux and Mac users, I cannot offer special builds at the moment, so please stick with the .love files. Thank you!

That’s it for now, until next time.